Riser Baseball Camps


Nathan Minnich - Coach Riser helped improved my hitting skills day in and day out during my time with him as my coach. Whether, it was something from my mental approach, or anything mechanical to do with the swing. He helped make it a simple and a quick fix. He helped me improve numerous times which helped me get to where I am today.

  • NCAA All American 2011, 2012
  • NCAA Regional POY 2011, 2012
  • NCAA National POY 2012
  • Boston Redsox 8th Rd

Dirk Webb: Coach Riser’s hitting techniques, game management, and general approach to hitting and defense helped me to become a Div. II All-American and Regional Player of the year in 2008. My skills, approach, and knowledge of the game all drastically improved in my four years of playing for Coach Riser and I continue to use these same fundamentals as I was able to guide my high school team to a 2013 State Championship.

  • Hedgesville High School Head Coach
  • 2013 WV Coach of the year
  • 2008 Northeast Region Player of the year
  • 2008 All-American

Seth Jordan: As Coach Riser came to Mary Washington in October of my senior year, I was unsure of the impact he was going to have on me with such little time together.  But as I got to know him, Coach Riser provided me with the support and knowledge beyond what I could have imagined. He helped me to see the game in a way that would improve every aspect of my own personal approach.  As a hitter he went on to give me the confidence that led to the best season in my college career. He showed me what it took to be consistent each and every day. As a leader, he provided the confidence that I was capable of more than I thought. Looking back, if I could have changed one thing, it would have been to spend more of my college career playing for Coach Riser as in our brief time together he taught me more than how to be a successful baseball player but more importantly how to be a great man.

  • University of Mary Washington
  • ALL CAC 2013

Rick Heldmann, Manager - Powhatan Aces, 15U USSSA Baseball I brought my son to Coach Riser's Summer Hitting Camp this year. As a Freshman at Blessed Sacrament Huguenot, he was fortunate enough to play Varsity baseball last season. One of his challenges was facing boys who were 17 and 18, some of whom throw in the 80's. So, our thinking was that James needed to work on the speed and effectiveness of his swing and find more confidence in his approach at the plate.

After about two or three sessions, with Coach Riser, our travel ball hitting coach could see the positive changes my son was making. During the course of the summer season, not only was James hitting more line drives, he was consistently hitting the ball harder and farther. My son and I were both impressed with the specific changes in mechanics, the coaching methods they use, how those changes gave him more confidence, and the results we saw in the stats and an increase in quality at bats. The results were very positive and the numbers do not lie. I would highly recommend Coach Riser's camps, to players of different ages and backgrounds. In addition to being very productive, the hitting camp was enjoyable for the boys.


Rick Heldmann

Just wanted to say thanks for an awesome camp.  My son had a great time and I saw his skills and confidence improve a lot!  Thanks again.

- Adam Pence

Coach Riser,

My son, Liam, attended your baseball camp at UMW the week of July 21st, and I want you to know that he still talks about it!

Being 7 years old, just getting to know the game of baseball this past spring, and his first time attending a sports camp while not knowing anyone else, Liam was a bit hesitant in going to camp.  However, I could tell after each day of camp that he was feeling more comfortable and learning the game.  I know that this is because of the coaches he had at camp that week.  Those coaches made a big impression on Liam!!  Especially one coach in particular--unfortunately, I don't know his name, but Liam has told me that he's #11.  And for that I would like to thank him, as well as all the other coaches, for a job well done!  And thank you to you, Coach Riser, for running a successful camp!

Liam has said said that he would like to return to your camp next summer.  We also plan to make it out to watch some UMW home games this upcoming season!

Thank you again!

Sharon Kerner